6 Episode Television Serial
by Jonathan Gunson

Gold Prize Winner at the Cairo International Children's Television Award.

The final episode attracted the largest national audience in television history.

The story of a boy from the stars who falls to earth in his damaged star-ship.  He is rescued by local teenagers who join forces with him to save the world from approaching catastrophe:  A 'star gun' designed by aliens to shoot down enemy star ships has been built on the Earth disguised as a volcano. But if it erupts it will destroy the planet. Their mission is to defeat 'The Guardian' and prevent him from firing it. 

Where the 'Andromeda' story came from.
I was brought up in New Zealand among volcanoes and geysers, a steaming thermal wonderland around Lake Tarawera and Rotorua, where dark subterranean forces are at work. 
All of this was woven into the story, along with my obsession with space travel that was  encouraged by my fascinating father.

He took me to the observatory, the telescope maker's club and the planetarium.

We studied the moon, the planets and all the great constellations, including the galaxy that is closest to us ... Andromeda.

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