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By Jonathan Gunson

22 Episode Children's TV Series
Animatronics and SFX

The story of interstellar warfare between the Space Knights and evil overlord Mordread  Darkvoid and his Space Pirates. 

"Space Knights" originated from my interest in Arthurian Knights and medieval castles, blended with my interest in space travel.  The striking similarity between a suit of armor and a space suit was the flash point that launched the idea, and caught the imagination of the TV company who invested many millions in the project. 

This was a massive undertaking personally as I was involved in story-lining, designing the characters, space suits and heraldic graphics, plus space station sets, star-ships and the Pirate starship-galleon the 'Black Blaster'.  (See my sketch at the bottom of this page.)

The "bad guys" were the most interesting to create and write for by far!  Mordread Darkvoid and his diabolical butler Jeevzoid in their menacing castle Doomroid, and rapscallion pirate Captain Plunderon  rampaged across our TV screens for 22 full action episodes.

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